Go Indonesia :: Ring Of Fire Adventure On Indonesia Volcanoes

Situated in the ring of fire, Indonesia Volcanoes are dominating the geography of this nation. With more than 100 active volcanoes, Indonesia is prone to volcanic eruption disaster. Not only causing destruction to the surrounding area, the eruptions are commonly affecting air flights. Yet, the views of the volcanoes and nearby area are exceptional that worth to be explored. Therefore, the information is worth to complete Indonesia tourism info.

Volcanoes in Indonesia are listed in most notable eruptions in the world. From the information gathered by goindonet, super volcanic eruption that created Lake Toba thousands year before was eruption in the largest level possible. Eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 is recorded as the most violent.

The most active volcanoes in Indonesia located in Java, the most populated island in the archipelago. The volcanoes are Kelud and Merapi. The last volcano is called Decade Volcano because is highly active in the last decades.

Earthquake in year 2004 that leaded to massive tsunami is believed to cause pattern change of the volcanoes in Indonesia. Some volcanoes that remind silence for centuries begin to active again. The example is Sinabung Mountain.

Wherever you go Indonesia, it would be easy to find volcanoes. Kerinci in Sumatra, Semeru in Java, and Karangetang in Sulawesi are only small example of beauty you can feast. On the other hand, visiting Indonesia Volcanoes will help us learn how destructive the nature could be.