West Nusa Tenggara Province Tourism

West Nusa Tenggara Province is emerging tourism destination. Due to its closeness to Bali, many tourists continue their trip to this province to enjoy different atmosphere. Unlike Bali where almost every part is well developed, West Nusa Tenggara is quieter, purer, and laid back. Resorts and sophisticated facilities are mostly available in Lombok while the other parts are more traditional that require good preparation before visit.


Cities and Regencies of West Nusa Tenggara Province


West Nusa Tenggara consists of 2 cities and 8 regencies. The cities are Mataram (the capital city) and Bima. The regencies are Central Lombok, East Lombok, North Lombok, West Lombok, Bima, Dompu, Sumbawa, and West Sumbawa.


How to Get In


From Singapore, you can get in by plane to Lombok Praya International Airport. Get in by boat is another popular option. From Bali, frequent ferry services are available.


Popular Destinations


Lombok is the most popular destination with numerous beautiful beaches and interesting cultures of the native people. Lombok is also well known for the pearl cultivation with golden pearl as the star. Backpackers who search for something extra ordinary adventure go to Sumbawa and Bima. The nature is characterized by vast savannah, great volcano, long beaches, and magical coral reefs. Great surfing and diving spots as well as trekking area are waiting. Unique traditions, festivals, and arts will complete the trip.



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