Bangka Belitung Province Tourism


Bangka Belitung Province is a province with two main islands of Bangka and Belitung. Besides the two large islands, the province also has several small islands such as flat, Mendanau, Selat Nasik, Pongok, and others, which have a total number of about 470 islands with 50 islands that are inhabited islands. The province has a capital in Pangkal Pinang.


Cities and regencies


The province is classified as the province that is not too wide, and only have administrative region consists of six districts and one city. Districts in the province are Bangka, Belitung, Bangka Barat, Bangka Tengah, Bangka Selatan, and Belitung Timur. In addition, the one city in this province is Pangkal Pinang as the capital of the province.


How to get in


Although the province is not large province and consists of some islands, the province has a supporting infrastructure that could make it easier for visitors to reach the region. The province has two airports namely Depati Amir is located in Pagkal Pinang and HAS Hannadjuddin in Tanjung Pandan. Besides the airport, the province also provides the facility for sea transportation with several ports, namely Pangkalbalam, Tanjung Gudang, Sadai, Manggar, Tanjung Ru, and Tanjung Pandan, known as Laskar Pelangi Port.


Popular destinations


This province has the charm of an amazing tour especially well with beautiful beaches on the island of Bangka Belitung games like Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Batu Berdaun Beach, Matras Beach, and Tanjung Binga Beach. Besides beaches, there are also some other tourist destinations that can be visited in the province, namely Tangga Seribu Mentok, Buding Museum, Pice Gantung Dam, hot water bathing pool in Pemali, and several other destinations.

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