East Java Province Tourism

East Java Province is one of busiest province in the country due to industries and tourisms. East Java has large area, including the island of Madura. Surabaya is the capital of the province and the second largest city in Indonesia. The tourism offers myriad attractions from natural beauties to interesting cultures to fascinating history


Cities and Regencies of East Java Province


East Java is divided into 9 cities and 29 regencies. The notable cities are Surabaya, Batu, Malang, Kediri, Probolinggo, and Blitar. Notable regencies are Banyuwangi, Gresik, Jember, Kediri, Jombang, Pacitan, Ponorogo, Sidoarjo, Bangkalan, and Sumenep. The last two cities are located in Madura Island.


How to Get In


East Java is one of Indonesia’s international main gateways with Juanda International Airport in Sidoarjo and Tanjung Perak International Port in Surabaya. Domestic transportations are widely available. From Bali, you can easily take ferry from Gilimanuk to Ketapang. Train station and bus station are there in many cities as options to get in from other provinces in Java and Bali.


Popular Destinations


Surabaya is metropolitan area with numerous entertainments and interesting places. Malang offers beautiful nature and incredible history as the ancient seat of Mataram Kingdom. Probolinggo is the main destination of adventurers because the city is the entry point to Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Banyuwangi is the location of the famous Ijen Crater and plantations of Java Arabica coffee. Kediri has archeological sites and Mount Wilis while Jember is well known for their festivals.



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