West Kalimantan Province Tourism


 Located in equator line, West Kalimantan Province is the true tropical area. With Pontianak as the capital, this province is developing yet working hard to maintain the nature as well as the traditions. As part of Borneo, West Kalimantan plays big part in conserving tropical rain forest that the government protects it as national parks.


Cities and Regencies


West Kalimantan is divided into 2 cities and 12 regencies. The 2 cities are Pontianak and Singkawang. The 12 regencies are Bengkayang, Ketapang, Kubu Raya, Kapuas Hulu, Landak, Melawi, Pontianak, Sambas, North Kayong, Sanggau, Sintang, and Sekadau.


How to Get In


The main airport in the province is Supadio Airport in Pontianak that serves domestic flights and international flights from Malaysia. Another airport that serves fewer flights is Rahadi Oesman Airport in Ketapang. The other options are entering by ship at Pontianak seaport and by car from surrounding Kalimantan.


Popular Destinations


Pontianak is equator city where people come to stand at the zero degree. To enjoy the beauty of tropical forest, tourists go to Gunung Palung National Park and Danau Sentarum National Park. To enjoy the matchless culture, tourists go to Bengkayang to meet Bidayuh Dayak tribe, Sambas City as the location of Sambas Sultanate, Singkawang City for the thousands Chinese temple, and Temanjuk Village to see the unique tradition.



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